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    Hello, and welcome to Death Row Snows where the spring snow goose hunting experience has risen to the next level.  DRS is 100% committed to giving you, your family, and friends a first class hunt.  At DRS we believe there is a time and a place for everything,  when chasing snow geese from field to field we like to use lay down blinds like the rest of the outfitters.  But when geese will not use the same field consistently we like to deploy large decoy spreads in prime funnel areas that produce geese year after year.  The other advantage to these large sets is that we can put our clients in our custom made blind called the MIGRATION STATION!

     The Migration Station was made for comfort and to get the most out of your snow goose hunting experience.  The Migration Station seats 8 clients and 1 guide in office chairs for added comfort.  YES I SAID OFFICE CHAIRS!!  Laydown blinds can be tough on the back and body.  Also, speaking from experience, harsh weather conditions is something you won't find appealing in a laydown blind.  So when a weather system is rolling through and it gets nasty outside with the birds everywhere.  You will be comfortably waiting on them in the Migration Station!  You will experience snow goose hunting at its finest as you sit relaxed in your office chair waiting for geese to funnel down into shooting range.

     This truly is a one of a kind hunt.  The spring conservation order allows us to harvest Snows, Blues, and Ross geese with No Limits, Extended Shooting Hours, and Unplugged Shotguns!  Shooting time is from 1/2 hour before sunrise till 1/2 hour past sunset.  As the geese migrate north, back to the breeding grounds, one of there stops is at Squaw Creek NWR near Mound City, Mo.  This is one of there most consistent staging areas offering up to 4-6 weeks of hunting opportunity.  We hunt an area around the refuge from 15-50 miles away.  Snow Geese will travel great distances to feed and loaf and that is where our years of experience chasing snow geese come into play.  We work hard to put you in the best position to get some good snow goose gunning action!  Everyday is different which is why we strongly suggest booking your hunt for 3 days, this gives you a better chance of being there for one of the good days.  Some days are just better than others, you can't control Mother Nature!  One day may be a barn burner with bird counts hitting the triple digits, while another day is a struggle to break out of the single digits.  Thankfully, a skunk hasn't happened in over 7 years.  An average day with DRS is 25-30 birds sometimes less sometimes more!  That's just Snow Goose Hunting!

     A typical day hunting with us will go as follows:  We will meet in the morning, one hour before shooting time, at a designated area determined before hand.  Once everyone is together we will have a quick discussion about the days hunt and go over Safety Guidelines.  We want everyone to have fun, but safety is the #1 priority when hunting with us!  No alcohol is allowed during the hunt!  We can celebrate after the hunt!  We will then travel to the spread where you will find your office chair waiting for you.  Snow Geese can appear before daybreak so it is important we are sitting before shooting time!  Typically the mornings will offer a flight of geese then there might be a lull from late morning till later in the afternoon when another flight of geese will go out to feed.  During the lull of the afternoon sporadic flocks of geese can show up at any moment,  it is good to have a comfy blind to wait out these flocks!

     Breakfast is usually served in the mornings, sometimes breakfast is delayed because of the geese so be sure to pack snacks, sandwiches, drinks, Etc. (BREAKFAST WILL NOT BE SERVED ON LAYDOWN HUNTS) On a full swing migration day you can see geese all day and see some unbelievable decoying action.  You are welcome to sit in the blind all day, however your guide may take a break at lunch!

     We recommend you bring 3-4 boxes of shells for everyday you are hunting, I recommend and shoot 3" BB's for an all around snow goose load!  You need to be ready to dress for weather conditions anywhere from 15 degrees to 70 degrees.  Conditions from snow and rain to dry and sunny are the norm for the spring season, you need to be ready for it all!  On a muddy day it is hard to beat a pair of waders to keep you warm and dry!  If you have a Buddy heater you are welcome to bring it.

     Of course safety is #1 so if for any reason the hunt should be cancelled due to dangerous weather, your deposit/payment will be credited towards a future hunt.  If you need to reschedule a hunt for unforeseen reasons, we ask for at least 2 weeks notice.  Otherwise if we cannot rebook your time slot your payment will be forfeited.  With proper notice we will try to reschedule  another hunt but cannot guarantee which state it will be in.  If we can't make it work this season you will be credited towards a hunt the following season.  The more notice you give us the better, in hopes of rescheduling same season.

     Although no one can guarantee what a flock of snow geese will do, at DRS, we guarantee a comfortable blind with comfy office chairs.  A HOT BREAKFAST served every morning!  That's right BREAKFAST served!  A typical breakfast consists of eggs, bacon/sausage, pancakes or hashbrowns and milk/juice.(BREAKFAST WILL NOT BE SERVED ON LAYDOWN HUNTS.)  Notice will be given before the hunt.

     We have been hunting snow geese for over 10 yrs and we know what it takes for a successful hunt.  Seeing our clients expectations satisfied and giving you the best guided spring snow goose hunt you can go on is our goal at Death Row Snows.

     Contact us with any questions you might have regarding the hunt, licensing, and lodging, and we will be happy to help you.  Thank you very much and hopefully we can accommodate you for another successful season with Death Row Snows!

Now Booking Spring 2015 Hunts!

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